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Is it fair that school principles should be removed if their pupils are under performing?

Wednesday, June 22
“It is absolutely unfair to make a school director responsible for academic achievements of the pupils. The Director can do nothing if the pupil is lazy to study.”
Lela, accountant, 51

“Of course academic staff are responsible for the results of the exams of the pupils at some point, but firing a director for this is unacceptable in my opinion. This is just intimidation of the school principals.”
Dato, journalist, 26

“I think that nobody would take this seriously in any normal country. But we are seeing so many stupid regulations that maybe school directors will really be fired. It is ridiculous.”
Neli, dentist, 45

“It is fair as the management of the school is fully responsible for the way students are taught.”
Temo, Engineer, 24

“I don’t think the school principals should be responsible for the performance of their students as the entrants had to realize their responsibility by studying well during their school time and perform well at the exams.”
Nino, Scientist, 28

“I totally agree with the MES decision for the first time in my life – who else is responsible for the educational development of the school-children if not the school authorities? Children are never bad – they simply need the relevant approach and encouragement to get more education and improve their background.”
Anna, Editor, 37

“Well, I do not think it is only a fault of the principles, as in general , the education system in Georgia needs reform. I consider that Georgian pupils can’t understand the word freedom and democracy correctly and most of them are moved on to state on their attitudes openly and even roughly, which is not true. First of all, pupils should be given right directives on their rights and right explanation of word freedom.”
Nona, Dancer, 34

“There are issues, when the principles are guilty in this as they can not rule a school accordingly. I think that some group should be established which will investigate whether the director is really guilty in this issue or not and after it such decision should be made.”
Giorgi, Economist, 29

“To my mind, much depends on principles, I had a very good and active principle and I think that my current success is partly down to her. If there is something wrong in the school, its head is responsible for this.”
Nutsa, Manager, 24