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Do you think that the number of MPs should be increased in the Georgian parliament?

Thursday, June 30
“It would mean extra expenditures and nothing else. I think the government wants to increase the number of the MPs just to let the opposition have some representatives in the Parliament. That’s it. I am not willing to pay their salaries from my pocket.”
Alexandre, history teacher, 56

“I think the number of the MPs should decrease instead. Most of them are sitting in the Parliament and doing nothing but sleeping at the plenary sessions. This is ridiculous. I wonder who exactly decided that they should increase the number and what his arguments are.”
Nani, doctor, 47

“If it was up to me, I would abolish the Parliament. Every decision is made by the President and a handful of people around him, so why do we need a Parliament?”
Giorgi, student, 23

“The greater part of those MPs do nothing in the Parliament, they just get very high salaries and have a lot of privileges at the people’s expense. Their number must not be increased, as there were more parasites in the legislative body.”
Nugzar, Physicist, 54

“I think that we have enough MPs in the parliament and can’t see any necessity for their number to be increased? May be this is in the interest of some political forces.”
Natia, Sociologist, 35

“I do not know what to say, if this increase would mean more opposition members being in the parliament, it would be acceptable, as currently the opposition is unable to oppose the majority’s initiatives to the Parliament and a lot of anti society decisions and amendments have been made recently.”
Zaza. Economist, 62

“I don’t find it necessary to increase the number of MPs in the Georgian legislative body but I guess this step has been the result of the “deal” between the opposition parties and the Government working on the electoral code. Those figures who have agreed with the Governmental proposal seem to be waiting for the seats at the Parliament after the forthcoming elections in 2012-2013.”
Nia, Political Analyst, 26

“I can’t find the sense in increasing the number of MPs but every legislative step has its preconditions and reasons. Being far from politics I would simply wait for the results because every decision in Georgia is always taken by the ruling United National Movement members.”
Ilia, Dentist, 32

“No, because, Georgia is small country and needs not so many MP as we have nowadays. It would only be the waste of money and spread of more fool ideas. I think the internal Parliamentary regulation is an important issue for the whole country and needs great attention.”
Sandro, Lawyer, 42