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Friday, July 8
Georgian historic monuments on occupied territories to be defended under the law

Akhali Taoba writes that The Georgian monuments which are now on the occupied territories will be under legal protection. Pavle Kublashvili, head of the Parliamentary Legal Committee said yesterday at the parliamentary extraordinary sitting.

He underlined that the Bill on this question will be developed quickly and it will be entered in the Civil Code as amendments. He said that the Bill will be drafted in such a way that the Georgian monuments and orthodox churches will be under legal protection.

Successful graduates of Rustavi schools were awarded with medals

In the scope of the program on supporting the most talented youngsters the First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Koka Sepherteladze and Governor of Kvemo Kartli Region Davit Kirkitadze awarded successful graduates of Rustavi schools with medals, 24 Hours reports.

Graduates of Rustavi schools showed good results in High School Exams. In 2010-2011 academic year 24 graduates of Rustavi schools have been awarded with Golden Medals and 27 graduates have been awarded with Silver Medals. Awarding ceremony took part at Rustavi Public School 24. In this school there are 13 graduates with Golden Medals and 2 graduates with Silver Medals.

The statement of Koka Sepherteladze is good encouragement for the schoolchildren and it raises their motivation to study. Under the initiative of the President, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia implements the program of Awarding Successful Schoolchildren with Medals. In 2010-2011, in the scope of the program 877 schoolchildren were awarded with Golden Medals and 1122 schoolchildren with Silver Medals throughout Georgia.

The criteria of identifying the most successful schoolchildren are regulated by the National Curriculum. In 2010-2011 schoolchildren received golden and silver medals with their names inscribed.