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Thursday, July 14
Finance Minister defines the details of Economic Freedom Charter

The budget deficit will not exceed 3% this year in relation to the GDP; the state debts will not be higher then 60% and the expenditure in comparison with the GDP will stay below 30% - Minister of Finance Dimitri Gvindadze reported at a briefing yesterday. The Minister also made definitions regarding the new Economic Freedom Charter adopted by the parliament.

The Minister said the new law was a signal for investors and a firm guarantee for the economic stability of Georgia.

”The investor, which wants to invest money in Georgia, cares not only about the current economic situation and tax frames, but they search for guarantees that the reforms and the low taxes, which are in force today in the country, will remain in force in the future as well. I mean the investors, whose plans are intended for 10-15 or more years. That`s why we prepared this law,” Minister of Finance said.

The Charter of Economic Freedom will be enforced in 2013; however, the government intends to begin the implementation of its fundamental principles immediately. (Rustavi 2)

Flooding causes death in Tetritskaro district

A flash flood struck the Tetritskaro district of the Kvemo Kartli Region yesterday sweeping away a vehicle with five passengers inside. The rescuers are working in the village of Samghereti, where they saved four passengers but a woman sitting in the car has died. They are now searching for the corpse of the woman.

The heavy rain has inflicted serious damage to the local Lipi water reservoir, the dams of which is affected and is struggling to withstand the volume of water. Work is underway to release the water safely from the construction, because if the dams are damaged, one village will face a serious threat. The local administration has already evacuated people but the water has already inflicted serious damage to houses and killed poultry and cattle. (Rustavi 2)

Dmitri Lortkipanidze demands inter-faction group establishing for photo reporters case

Dmitri Lortkipanidze, deputy chair of the HR committee demands the establishment of the inter-faction group in Parliament. Lortkipanidze said to journalists he is ready to take part in the work on this issue and to sign an agreement that if the case affects state sensitive information he will not open it.

"I am declaring solidarity for Georgian media, they are asking to make public the case of photo reporters and are holding a protest actions for this purpose. At the same time I wish to express my point of view and to address to the Interior Minister, Procurator's Office General and to government to establish the inter-faction parliamentary group, which will encompass all members and will have free access to the materials of the classified case, " - Lortkipanidze said.

He promised if any serious data does exist in connection with the photographers' case, he will announce this. At the same time the MP doubts that the security classification may be connected with the wish of the government to prolong the investigation and to gain time. (GHN)

Georgians hostages in Somalia without family contact for 3 months

Georgians who were taken in hostage by Somali pirates have been unable to reach their family members for three months. Mother of one of the detained Georgians - Jaba Qarchava said to GHN. She said her son talked with her for the last time in May.

"No information could be found after this. Other Georgians also cannot contact family members. Last time when he talked with us he said his health condition was stable. Now we are not informed about anything, " she said. The Foreign Ministry provides her with limited information, she noted.

Georgian sailors have been held hostage for several months now. The latest information released stated that the pirates are demanding a large sum of money in return for their release. (GHN)

Widow sent to prison for 20 years for ordering husband`s murder

Tbilisi Appeals Court has ruled on the case of the murder of Giorgi Tsuladze and upheld the ruling of the first instance court, sending the widow of the killed Tsuladze, Inga Tsuladze-Javsheishvili to prison for twenty years as the organizer of the murder. The killer, Zurab Solomnishvili, is facing a life sentence and the mediator between the killer and widow, the maid of the family Elene Tushishvili will serve a 16 year sentence in prison.

According to the investigation, Inga Tsuladze decided to order the murder of her husband after a family conflict. With the mediation of her maid Elene Tushishvili and lodger Zviad Sakvarelidze, she contacted Zurab Solomnishvili, who agreed to kill Tsuladze for USD 5 000. He was provided information about the routes of Tsuladze and on April 29, 2009, he attacked him by ambush and killed him with one shot. Elene Tushishvili handed over the promised sum to the killer after the crime.

As for Sakvarelidze, he was bailed out as he cooperated with the investigation and provided crucial information to the law enforcers. (Rustavi 2)