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Do you believe the detained Georgian photographers are spies?

Thursday, July 14
“How can I believe if I do not see any documents which will strengthen this argument that those guys are spies? I think they are victims of a lack of freedom of speech which is astonishing. This is an open message for all journalists to obey the authorities and do not cover “undesired” news.”
Maya, housewife, 45

“Recently so many spies have been discovered in Georgia it is really hard for me to trust or not to trust even in photographers. As they attended all official meetings and they had an opportunity to take photos almost everywhere, they might have some photos which must not be sent to other countries. But of course I cannot be sure in these accusations unless I do not see any video or audio type which will support these allegations against them. One thing is clear, spies should be punished according to the law despite their personal privileges.”
Nino, bank employee, 29

“It is hard to say anything now, because the information we have is really very scarce. But I don’t think that they would arrest the president’s photographer if they did not have any evidence against him. Of course I hope that the photographers will turn out innocent, but I don’t really think so.”
Gocha, lawyer, 26

“The whole situation is quite odd. We do not know anything and the Interior Ministry officials are blaming them already. I guess our officials have no idea about the presumption of innocence, unfortunately.”
Natia, bank employee, 32

“I am absolutely sure that the photographers were punished for their photos taken during the May 26 police crackdown on protesters. This is so obvious. Now I think that the authorities are just trying to hide the fact that they do not have evidence by classifying the case as “secret”.
Elene, music teacher, 50

“This is bulls**t! They have been punished because of their photos taken on May 26. Saakashvili punishes all who says the truth, who shows the truth so why is anyone surprised that he even detained his personal photographer? Those photographers joined the huge number of illegally detained persons unfortunately.”
Vakhtang, student, 21

“I think that they had taken such photos which were not in the Government’s interest, that’s all, however to say that they are spies is really unimaginable, perhaps they had little time to create some more believable story…”
Natia, Manager, 26

“I don’t believe it. In case it is proved they were spies, it would be the greatest shame for our law enforcers as they did not find them out until now.”
Maia, Teacher, 54

“Taking photos was my hobby, however lately I gave it up, as it seems use of camera is very dangerous. They are spies like me …”
Davit, Journalist, 30