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Saakashvili applauds Georgian Rugby team

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, July 14
President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili hosted members of the National Rugby Team, on July 13, at the President’s Palace. He wished them success before going to the preparative meeting for the World’s Championship and promised them his complete support.

The President hoped that Georgia will provide a successful performance in New Zealand and made parallels between the sport and political situation in the country, “we have always had problems in team sport, and we were successful in individual varieties; however when the issue was related with common action and one another’s support, the obstacles were obvious. There were difficulties both from the political and sport viewpoint. You are the first, most successful collective team of Georgia, “the President said and mentioned that despite the success much is still to be done in this field, “as although there are strong individual elements in the team, the team elements should become more powerful, as in the rest of Georgia. This is my advice.”

After saying the Georgian rugby team has a lot of supporters in the country, the President paid attention to the letter sent by the Chair of the International Rugby Committee, “he thanked us for a very good competition we held here in Tbilisi and stated that they are sure the Georgian team will take its place proudly among the best rugby teams of the world and saying to us, the Government of Georgia, to fulfill all obligations.” The President underlined that the authorities will fulfill all financial and some other responsibilities towards the sport, “we are sure in the team's success. I want to thank you for your inspiration, we support you! “