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Friday, July 29
Georgian girl found among the dead in Norway

Tamta Liparteliani, who had been reported lost since the horrific terrorist act on Norway`s Utoyea Island, was found among the dead on July 28. The announcement of the girl`s death was made by Deputy Foreign Minister, Nino Kalandadze. The parents of the girl arrived in Oslo on July 27 to search for their daughter.

“Unfortunately, our greatest fears have become reality" said Kalandadze. "The girl has been identified among the dead. We have been cooperating with the Norwegian law enforcement services since the terror attack occurred, to help resolve problems for identification. Identification was supported by biometric data sent from Georgia. It was then confirmed that the girl was among those killed in the attack.

Badri Bitsadze to ask political asylum

24 Hours writes that Badri Bitsadze, spouse of the leader of May protest rallies that were crushed by local authorities, will seek political asylum abroad. Nino Burjanadze announced that she is not going to give up her family members to this Government as a hostage, and added that detaining Bitsadze may not be in the interest of the authorities because it will cause a strong reaction from the international community. “Authorities are in a very difficult situation now. Video types which were released against my spouse are not considered as evidence in Bitsadze’s case. They only have testimonies from three men, two of whom say they did not know Bitsadze personally and yet they say after the first meeting with him, Bitsadze revealed his plans regarding the overthrow of the government. In order to prove his guilt they should present conclusive evidence--which does not exist,” Burjanadze said.

After the May 26 events Badri Bitsadze left Georgia and his whereabouts are unknown.