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Do you think terrorism has become a problem everywhere in the world?

Friday, July 29
“It is really a very painful issue--several years ago I thought that I was safe in Georgia, and there was no threat of terrorism on our territory, however after the current issues, especially after that horrible situation in Norway , I am really scared.”
Nino, Manager, 28

“I have always thought that terrorism is an international issue and the problem of all states. One day, someone decides that he must take revenge for something and kills you, when you have not committed any crime against him. This is really horrible.”
Tornike, Driver, 32

“I am really very sorry for Georgian girl and I give condolences for her family. It is a huge tragedy for her family and for all the families of those children killed in Norway. It is really a very difficult period; no one knows what might happen from one minute to the next.”
Marina, Teacher, 53

“Not everywhere in the world--not for those parts of the world where terrorists live in general; this problem is not for them, to my mind; they have other problems of course. Mostly, it's developed states that are under terrorist threat.”
Giga, Student, 23

“I am very much troubled about the issue. I am very sorry for Georgian girl killed in Norway. I hoped she would be found alive. This fact has one more time confirmed that terrorism is a global problem. “
Natela, Housewife, 56

“Terrorism has no boundaries unfortunately, and the terrible act that took place in Norway is proof of this. I am very sorry for the family of Tamta Liparteliani who became a victim of a terrorist in a summer camp. This is absolutely heartbreaking news for me.”
Nana, nurse, 40

“Recent terrorist attacks in Norway have demonstrated that terrorism is a problem not only for the US and for some Middle East states, but is a global problem. Unfortunately this is the reality and the situation is getting worse day by day.”
Ina, lawyer, 32

“I don’t understand why anyone would want to kill innocent people. I don’t know what their justification is. I think terrorism is becoming the number one problem across the world.”
Nika, student, 20