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19 years after the beginning of war with Abkhazia, are you worried that we will lose touch with Abkhazia?

Monday, August 15
“We should admit that we have already lost touch and relations with Abkhazians. This conflict which has been frozen for almost 20 years is still in the same condition and no success either on a diplomatic or personal level has been achieved. I am very sorry that there is a huge obstacle between us and I do not have any idea how we can restore relations.”
Meri, doctor, 43

“Unfortunately I cannot see any will from the Georgian authorities to have negotiations with the Abkhazian leadership. Definitely, we will never recognize their independence but no dialogue means no chance of restoring our territorial integrity. Even if it is very hard to set diplomatic contacts with them, we must try to have direct dialogue with them, although it is obvious that Russia is a key player in this conflict. As for the losing touch with them, we have already lost it.”
Natalie, student, 22

“Despite the fact that there is no talks and dialogue on the authorities' level, I do not think that we will lose touch with them. The reason is simple – Abkhazia is Georgia. Despite their will to be under Georgia’s governance sooner or later it will happen. Abkhazians realize that Russia is not their friend and under their governance Abkhazia is losing its identity. Abkhazians do not speak in Abkhazian in Abkhazia and a new generation is growing up under Russian influence, which means that Abkhazia assimilates to Russia. If they really want ‘independence’ they must not give Russia a right to change Abkhazia into Russia.”
Nika, economist, 27

“What happened 19 years ago is a tragedy and is the result of unwise policy. But what continues to happen until today is more of a tragedy because we are losing touch with Abkhazians as well as Ossetians. We, the old generation, still remember our time spent in Sokhumi, in Tskhinvali. How we loved the Abkhazians resorts and the relations we had with them. But the young generation knows nothing about it. The situation is the same in Abkhazia. A new generation is growing up with the notion that we Georgians are demons, monsters… they hate us and this is really very bad because we lose any chance to reintegrate and restore relations among new generations. One thing is real; Abkhazians as well as Georgians are guilty in this war and responsibility must be shared.”
Manana, pensioner, 64

“Sure, I am worried and I have serious reason for that. I think a miracle would have to happen to restore relations between Abkhazians and Georgians. Russia is the key obstacle and the reason why we have been so distanced for so long. If Russia will have another government which will be more democratic and acts according to international law, Abkhazia will lose support from Russia which will make it more realistic to keep in touch with them.”
Nodar, IT specialist, 30