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Monday, August 22
Varshalomidze asseses winter preparation works

Levan Varshalomidze, chair of the Adjara government checked the ongoing work for the winter tourist season Interpressnews stated. He said the speed of construction works at the winter resorts in Adjara regions was going well. 5 new villas, restaurants, culture and sport centers are being constructed speedily. He said that they will be fully prepared for the ski season.

He said the company "Jomarduly" takes the responsibility for the winter season resort construction works. It has employed up to 70 local citizens and the new construction work envisaged further local employment.

At the same time the 7-kilometers road to the winter resort villages will be repaired. For this purpose GEL 640 000 have been allocated and the road rehabilitation will be accomplished by the beginning of the winter.

Russia politicizes WTO talks

According to information released by GHN agency Georgia's Ambassador to Switzerland, Zurab Chiaberashvili , doubts that talks regarding Russia's participation to WTO, between Georgian and Russian sides will end positively. He spoke about the issue in his letter sent to WTO. The Ambassador states that Russia does not intend to make any concessions to the basic demands raised by the Georgian side. Moreover, according to Chiaberashvili, Russia is politicizing the issue while Georgia is prepared to begin dialogue.

Currently, intensive talks regarding Russia's participation to WTO are ongoing, Georgia is ready to agree to Russia's participation if Russia agrees to several terms laid out by the Georgian side.

Political Parties' new political season

Rezonansi reports that Georgian political parties will become extremely active from September. The latest plans of Our Georgia-Free Democrats are to meet with the voters and hold consultations with the parties of the opposition 6. The Labour party is preparing for a revolution while The Georgian party will attempt to hold different kinds of protests. The National Forum will also be very active from the new season, however concrete plans have not been outlined. The political plans of the National Movement and Christian Democrats are largely focused on the Telavi Majority elections. Republicans consider that talking of future plans is premature and the party will wait for the new season. New Rights intend to create a new election program and hold an organizational meeting. Democratic Movement -United Georgia will send materials regarding May 26 events to Strasbourg and begin political actions with peaceful protest together with Representative Public Assembly.