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Do you agree that people over 65 should not be allowed to drive? And, do you think old cars and buses should be taken off the roads?

Monday, August 22
"Well, I think that it is the absolutely right decision. There are drivers who are very old and every minute they might have some health related problem, which might create serious danger for passengers' lives. As for setting a limit on transport age, this is also the right decision, as there are a lot of antiquated buses and mini buses in Georgia, which are more dangerous than old drivers."
Nikoloz, Manager , 28

"It is a very sensitive issue and it is related with people's fate. There are drivers, over 65, which are really good ones and do their job accordingly. I think that some health inspections should be carried out according to which the drivers should be granted a certificate. As for transport means, it is the right decision , however it must not be at the drivers' expense."
Natia, teacher, 31

"I am 62 years old and I can say that what I do, I do legally and no one has ever been damaged due to me, my health condition is also absolutely satisfactory, if one day someone comes with me and tells me that I must leave my job as I am more than 65, it might cause me health problems, as my family depend on me. If there is no other way, those who make people leave the jobs, should also think about compensation for those who they leave without income."
Nodar , Economist, 62

“I agree with this. The people above 65 have poor eye sight and many other health problems. I don't think they will be strongly against it.”
Sophio, Journalist, 23

“Well people at that age are quite experienced in driving so if they have no health problems they should be kept in their positions. What else should they do to earn money for their families I just wonder?”
Irma, Housewife, 35