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Thursday, September 15
Shida Kartli has new governor

Shida Kartli region has a new governor. Giorgi Tatishvili was introduced to the region on Wednesday.

Prior to the new appointment, Tatishvili was a single-mandate MP of Gori district in parliament. He has also worked in the security, interior and finance ministries.

The former governor of the region, Zurab Arsoshvili, is reportedly going to assume the office of the Deputy Energy Minister of Georgia. (Interpressnews)

Parliamentary delegation leaves for Slovenia

A delegation of Georgian lawmakers headed by the speaker of the parliament Davit Bakradze left for Slovenia on Wednesday morning. Georgian MPs will hold meetings with the chairperson of the Slovenian parliament, parliamentary majority and minority members. Meetings with local NGOs are also on the agenda.

As part of the visit, Davit Bakradze will discuss support for Georgia`s territorial integrity and European integration at the meetings with the Slovenian prime minister and the foreign minister. The issue of the de-occupation of the Georgian territories, Abkhazia and South Ossetia will be also discussed at the meetings. (Rustavi 2)

Christian-Democratic party leaders meet Netherlands’s Institute for Multiparty Democracy

Christian-Democrat leaders have met with representatives of the Netherlands’s Institute for Multiparty Democracy. Important factors for future democratic development were discussed at the meeting. According to Pipin Gerot, a representative of the Netherlands’s Institute for Multiparty Democracy, the Christian-Democrats have played an important role in the process of democratization in Georgia.

According to Giorgi Targamadze, leader of the Christian-Democratic Movement, they have been cooperating with the Dutch institute for years. A three-year program of cooperation between the Christian-Democrats and the institute was also considered at the meeting. (Interpressnews)

Unique discovery may change history of Tbilisi

A unique discovery in the oldest part of the Georgian capital may soon change the history of the founding of Tbilisi. At the Metekhi Bridge, archaeologists discovered the remains of an ancient mother-fortress while exploring the surroundings of Church of the 40 Martyrs.

The scientists discovered the fence of the fortress, which dates back to the forth century - the period of King Vakhtang Gorgasali the purported founder of Tbilisi. However, layers of an ancient palace which dates back to a period earlier than the reign of Gorgasali were also found. This discovery confirms the idea that the territory of current Tbilisi was populated before Gorgasali's time.

Legend has it that Gorgasali discovered hot waters while hunting on the territory of what is now old Tbilisi and ordered a city built there, which then later became the capital of the country. The findings appear to puncture this myth. Archaeologists say that the discovery may completely change the history of the founding of Tbilisi.

As well as the palace and fence, the scientists also discovered ancient baths, which they say were constructed in the first or second centuries AD. They are also exploring dishes and jewelry which were found in the tomb of an 11-12 year-old girl.

The archaeological excavations in this part of old Tbilisi are being carried out by the Patriarchate and the National Museums of Georgia. The works are funded by the Tbilisi government. (Rustavi 2)

American and Canadian tour operators visit Georgia

The representatives of American and Canadian tourist agencies arrived in Georgia today and will stay here for seven days to get familiarized with the tourist potential of the country. The guests plan to visit the cities of Mtskheta, Kutaisi, Batumi and the Sataplia and Borjomi national parks.

The foreign tour operators are interested in Georgian tourist infrastructure to sell the product in their country afterwards. They are mostly focused on archaeological tours.

`I have long-time connections with Georgia for many years, I have friends here and I have been here many times. I think that Georgia is under-discovered, it has a lot of potential but it has a very low volume of tourism. It definitely can be developed more specifically by the United States and Canada,` the president of the Panorama Travel Company Irina Sina told journalists at Tbilisi airport. (Rustavi 2)

Scottish rugby team defeats Georgia 15:6

The Georgian rugby team was defeated 15:6 by Scotland in New Zealand.

It was the first game for the Georgian team in the Rugby World Cup 2011.

Georgia will have its next match against England on 18 September. (Interpressnews)