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Thursday, September 15
Presentation of Georgian Language Textbooks Held

The Ministry of Education and Science has developed Georgian language textbooks for the primary level, 24 Hours reports. Students of non-Georgian schools will study the Georgian language with this book. Minister Dimitri Shashkini presented the newly developed textbook to the teachers and the journalist. By the end of 2011, textbooks will have been developed for 1st to 6th grade pupils. During 2012, new textbooks will be rolled out for all levels of basic and secondary education.

The development of the textbooks is part of the state program “Georgian Language for Future Success” which is being implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science upon the initiative of the President of Georgia. Various activities are being carried out in the scope of this program which is aimed at enhancing learning of the state language among the non-Georgian population.

The above mentioned textbook was designed according to modern teaching and learning standards and interactive methods language teaching. The textbook is accompanied by audio visual materials and computer games. These materials will be posted on the website and installed in the netbooks of first graders.

Gigi Tsereteli to Participate in Community of Democracies Forum

Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, Gigi Tsereteli, will participate in the Parliamentary Forum of the Community of Democracies from 14-16 September which will coincide with the International Day of Democracy in Washington DC on the 15 September, Akhali Taoba reports.

More than 100 parliamentarians from the United States and Europe will participate in the forum, which will discuss issues concerning the protection of democracy and problems associated with autocratic regimes. Tsereteli will deliver a speech at the forum.

Within the scope of the visit, bilateral meetings will be held with the United States - the Congress and Senate leadership, representatives of the government, and the chairpersons of groups friendly to Georgia. A meeting with the members of the delegation of the US Congress NATO Parliamentary Assembly is planned as well.