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Do you welcome learning foreign languages from the first year of school?

Thursday, September 15
“Yes, I definitely do but with small and pleasant exercises.”
Lika, PR Manager, 27

“To my mind, it would have been better to introduce a foreign language from the second school year so that they didn’t mix native and foreign languages.”
Lile, Journalist, 24

“I think it’s quite a good idea, especially in the modern 21st century with such clever children.”
Tatia, Accountant, 31

“Yes, sure, only imbeciles think that this will damage our language or something.”
Nodar, Economist, 36

“I don’t think it is the right decision as first year children do not even know their own language to write and speak it normally. It would be better from the second year of school.”
Tamuna, Housewife, 34

“It is not a bad decision, the smaller the child the better he studies foreign languages and so on. One thing I don’t like is that other foreign languages are not paid enough attention, meaning Russian and German.”
Giorgi, Economist, 43

“It is nice. I welcome this decision, especially when there are a lot of modern and excellent books and materials for those who are starting to learn English.”
Salome, Painter, 24