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Friday, September 16
PM Gilauri Refuses to Confirm Government Staff Changes

Akhali Taoba writes that Georgia’s PM Nika Gilauri has not confirmed possible government staff changes. As Gilauri told the media he has not heard about this. “I cannot make any comment about this issue as I have not heard anything regarding it,” Gilauri said.

According to information released to the media, it is expected that Gilauri will be dismissed from his current position and he will be replaced by Ramaz Nikoleishvili, Minister for Regional Development, or Vera Kobalia, Minister for Economy and Sustainable Development.

Besides this possible change, Bakur Kvezereli Minsiter of Agriculture as well as Goga Khachidze Minister of Environment Protection are rumoured to be leaving their positions. As for the Minister of Defence, Bacho Akhalaia, according to rumours he will replace Zaza Gorozia the governor of Samegrelo region.

Shashkin Meets School Resource Officers

Minister Dimitri Shashkini met school resource officers and summarized the activities of the Office of School Resource Officers. High discipline, fewer cases of school misbehaviour, and high levels of class attendance are among the achievements of the activities of the resource officers at schools, 24 Hours reports. The Minister thanked the school resource officers on successfully performing their duties and emphasized that the Ministry is committed to enhance their professional development.

Novelties introduced in the operation of the school resource officers were also discussed during the meeting. School resource officers have been taking various professional courses during the summer, for example, they have taken up training in English and computing as well as in psychology. At the same time, the resource officers have been trained in professional ethics. They had an opportunity to take up academic writing courses and the courses in relation to children with special educational needs.

Some of the school resource officers have been trained as rescue officers in order to more efficiently protect safety at schools. They learnt how to act in case of radiation, chemical and biological pollution and how to avoid water threats and assist people with first aid. Thus, resource officers will be able to help school staff in any emergency situation including car accidents, fire, earthquake, landslides and so on.

From the new academic year, all resource officers will draft reports on school misbehaviour electronically.