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Are you satisfied with the quality of teaching at Georgian schools?

Friday, September 16
“As a parent I would say there are pros and cons to the educational system in our country nowadays. On the one hand, there is a strict regime caused by the introduction of school resource officers and this has increased the responsibility of both teachers and pupils while on the other hand, the textbooks the Ministry of Education and Science has presented lack literature and quality. Still it depends on the children themselves – if they sit calm in the lessons, listen to their teachers and study hard at their homes they will obviously perfect their knowledge.”
Lali, Doctor, 48

“I don’t really know what the situation at public schools nowadays is because my daughter has just entered the school and we find out only later.”
Gizo, Civil Servant, 29

“I think that the old system was better. I mean our parents are actually more educated than we are.”
Tornike, MA Student, 21

“I'm not sure, as I don't have any connections with schools.”
Nutsa, Painter, 26

“I am not satisfied, I think that reform is carried out in the wrong way, pressure is mainly put on teachers and students are not explained anything well. What does democracy mean here?”
Salome, Teacher, 34

“Ths situation has improved in my opinion. I like the new books and the teaching methods. I think that it is very difficult to raise the teaching quality so quickly, when not a long time passed after we left the Soviet Union.”
Tornike, Manager, 28

“Teaching quality is not satisfactory. Much is still to be done in this field. We should preserve what was acceptable in previous times and add something new and positive from foreign teaching methods.”
Natia, Doctor, 29