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Thursday, September 22
Georgian railway to terminate foreign loan?

Rezonansi newspaper reports that Georgian railway might be sacrificed to terminate a foreign loan of USD 1,125 bln targeted for future railway development. As Georgian analysts state, this is a very serious figure and in case the state cannot cover the debt, they may have to sell the company's assets.

Alasania: If Repressions Continue, Saakashvili to Leave in Revolution

Kviris Palitra published an interview with the leader of Our Georgia-Free Democrats, where the leader, Irakli Alasania, speaks of his future intentions. The newspaper underlines that Georgian political forces are already in pre election mode, as holding pre term elections in the country is quite frequent and the opposition must be ready as it expects that the current authorities might set the elections earlier than they are foreseen through the schedule.

As Alasania reports, such a surprise from the authorities would not be unusual and his party should be ready for this. The leader of the Free Democrats underlines that he has already visited nearly 150 Georgian villages, where he has seen extreme poverty and economic reality. At the same time, the poor situation in demography was mentioned by him, “among 47 leading states of the European Council Georgia is takes the leading position in terms of decreasing population size.”

Alasania says, that the current authorities managed to lose the people's trust and that the main aim of the opposition should be fighting to return trust to power. The government is distant from Georgian society and now is ready to stay in power by all means. If [Saakashvili] goes on building his power on repressions and the police regime, he will have to leave the power not with elections, but with revolution.”

Aleksandre Ankvab Dismisses Deputy Head of Administration

News agency Apsny Press reports that the de-facto President of Abkhazia Aleksandr Ankvab dismissed the deputy head of his administration Aleksandre Adleiba. Akvab has already signed the order. The causes of his dismissal are not known.

Ankvab implemented staff changes two weeks ago. He dismissed the head of de-facto administration of Gagra region Astamur Ketsba.

Aleksandr Ankvab plans fundamental changes in the Ministry of Interior. He doesn’t exclude instituting criminal cases against high officials of the department.