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Should Tbilisi's citizens protest over changes to city garbage disposal and electricity costs?

Thursday, September 22
“It was a most unfair decision made against Tbilisi's residents. I can’t understand the connection between garbage and electricity fees. Winter is coming and we will have to pay double and three times more garbage fees than earlier years. Of course, we must protest such decisions, however Georgians have become inert, which is a really bad thing.”
Salome, Manager, 27

“I am not just angry, I am frustrated with the decision. The Tbilisi Mayor and in general, the current authorities do what they want and adopt those laws they want, without taking Georgian people’s economic conditions and incomes into consideration. It is the fault of us and the Georgian opposition. We must change something, or step by step the situation will worsen.”
Davit, Engineer, 45

“We had to pay the garbage fee for the five men in the family and it was quite high, nsow we pay less, however in winter, when we use electricity for heating, it will raise costs and will be more than we had to pay. So, it was not a profitable decision even for me. In general, tariffs are very high and salaries very low in Georgia. When I get a salary I practically have to give it back to the government. Is this living? People are so tired that they can’t even fix a protest.'
Marina, Teacher, 34

“Yes, everyone should definitely oppose to this “innovative” project because one can see nothing more absurd than this initiative.”
Nutsa, Photographer, 31

“My mother can’t actually guess whether her salary is being spent on electricity or garbage collection – it’s so funny but silly at the same time.”
Nini, Interpreter, 24

“It is not right to relate the garbage disposal costs to consumed electricity. I think it should be abolished. Though it might give additional motivation to save electricity at home.'
Khatuna, Pensioner,63

“It is another inadequate initiative of the government. It might be beneficial for big families, but definitely it is not fair to make small families pay more. The ratio of consumed electricity of one-person and five-person families is not as big as the disposed garbage ratio. Surely Tbilisi residents should protest, maybe sue Tbilisi City Hall.”
Zura, Physicist, 50

“I think it is clear how our government is cheating, because as a result we pay more than before.”
Nodar, Economist, 25