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Amazons Opens at Tbilisi Theatre Festival

By Salome Modebadze
Tuesday, September 27
Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre hosted the play Amazons staged by Samsun State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Medea Magalashvili’s libretto, directed with Nugzar Magalashvili under Vakhtang Kakhidze’s musical score created a unique atmosphere at Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre on September 22. The newly established Samsun theatre is the sixth state opera and ballet from Turkey established since January 2009. Since its creation the theatre has put on 60 different productions and 254 performances.

“Since the times of Hera and Zeus, the relationship between man and woman showed us the same conflict. That is why I choose the theme without emphasizing the sociological dimension of the subject but focusing on the conflict between man and woman as both mighty beings,” Medea Magalashvili said, explaining her interest towards the story. The Amazons story of “misdirected women” struggling with men is expressed with impressive ballet techniques.

Amazons are warrior women trying to choose the right way despite their natural strength. They face the danger of losing their femininity and fertility. Thus the author of libretto interpreted their legend by emphasizing their independence together with their feebleness in the face of love. The tragic ending of the ballet performance intentionally reminds the viewer of the necessity for balance between the emotions and way of life.