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Tourism sector to employ 60,000

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, September 27
The department for tourism development within the ministry for the economy expressed its content regarding the tourism season in Georgia. The department stated that the country has already been visited by 1.8 mln tourists. They predict that if warm weather continues the autumn season will prolong and tourists will be visiting Svaneti, Racha, Khevsureti and Kazbegi region. Then the winter season will start. The department thinks that this tendency took place because the Georgian government made serious efforts in this direction. There were many activities in Batumi, Mestia and Anaklia. Besides a video clip was running on CNN promoting Georgia’s attractions

In 2010, there were 43,000 people employed over the tourism season. The state took efforts to train and retrain and increase the qualifications of the personnel involved in the tourism industry. It is suggested that by the end of 2011 about 60,000 people will work in the tourism business.