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How would you estimate Georgia’s level of democracy compared to the rest of the post-Soviet states?

Thursday, September 29
“I think that almost all post-Soviet states have serious problems regarding democracy and there are serious obstacles for those states for real democratic development. As for Georgia, I think that some progress is obvious in this field and we take quite high position in this regard compared to some other post Soviet republics; however it can not be taken as a serious achievement.”
Nugzar, Engineer, 52

“ I have never been to the rest of the post-Soviet states, however there are several, where people live better than in Georgia and the level of democracy is higher than in our state. I know it from my friends or relatives who have seen those states. We take a middle position, to my mind.”
Salome, Student, 18

“Well, I think that we take one of the initial positions in this field among post-Soviet states. I hope that step by step our democratic level will be similar to that of European states.”
Zurab, Policeman, 31

"Georgia has lots of problems regarding freedom of speech and democracy, but if we take the south Caucasus countries as a whole Georgia is in the best position."
Zaza, student, 19

“I would say the level of democracy in Georgia is average but needs great improvements.”
Tamta, Interpreter, 27

“I don’t want to be rude because I’m first of all a Georgian citizen but I can’t talk of democracy in today’s Georgia. There are violations of human rights from the officials almost every day, we fail in economic promotion and can hardly finance our students with scholarships. I just wonder what a democracy means for our government and what the situation is like in other post-Soviet states.”
Guram, Doctor, 47