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Monday, November 7
Experts opinion on future political situation

The Georgian newspaper Rezonansi writes that since Ivanishvili has appeared in Georgian politics he claims that he will come into Parliament with a majority, and then stated that he sees himself as Prime Minister rather than President. If Ivanishvili fulfils his promise he will need a team who can fill key positions. The newspaper asked three political analysts to tell how they see the situation if it develops according to Ivanishvili’s scenario—all three named Ivanishvili as Prime Minister, Irakli Alasania as President and David Usupashvili as Chair of Parliament.

According to Gia Nodia, “The possibility that they [Ivanishvili and his team] will come into power is not high, but we can express our best guess. Since Ivanishvili said he will be appointed PM, accordingly Alasania will become President. As for the Republicans, Usupashvili will be Chair of Parliament, I think. This is logical. As for another Republican, Tina Khidasheli, she would be appointed either Minister of Justice or Interior. I think there will be many candidates for Minister of Justice since they have a lot of lawyers in their team,” he said.

Another analyst, Ramaz Sakvarelidze, made the same prognoses regarding President, PM and Chair of Parliament. “As for Minister of Justice I think Eka Beselia will be a candidate. I see Tina Khidasheli as candidate for the Mayor’s post. However I think it is hard to make any prognosis nowadays and more people will appear on Ivanishvili’s team, then the competition will increase,” Sakvarelidze said.

Renovated Georgia: Still another opposition party founded

Sister of Moscow-based Georgian businessman, Mindia Gulua, made an official statement on Thursday announcing the new "Renovated Georgia" political party, Rezonansi writes. The founding congress of the political party was held in the Philharmonic Hall last Friday and Nana Gulua was elected Chairperson. Gulua stated that her brother does not financially support the party. The founders of the new party intend to announce their future plans soon.