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How often do you go abroad? To which country do you want Georgia to have direct flights?

Monday, November 7
“I think all my life I am flying, because my sons are living abroad and I usually visit them very often. Generally I use Air Zena and I am very satisfied with their service. It has direct flights to Kiev where my destination is.”
Lali, housewife, 52

“Unfortunately, I have never been abroad and do not know, and I have never been interested in with which states we have direct flight and with which have not … I hope I will have financial possibilities and then be more interested in the issue.”
Tamta, Teacher, 24

“I wanted so much for Georgia to have direct flights to Kazakhstan and my dream came true. Before it was very boring and tiring to spend hours at the airport waiting for flights while now Air Astana is in Georgia and I can travel easily to Astana. My husband works there and that is why I often visit.”
Sophie, dentist, 41

“I don’t often have an opportunity to go abroad but I would still go to those countries which I already visited in my childhood--Finland, Czech Republic, and Norway. I was so small that I hardly remember the places but I know they are really amazing.”
Keti, PR Manager, 27

“Usually I go abroad 5-6 times in a year and all of them are business trips. I spent my summer holidays in Egypt and it was amazing. I have no special request to have direct flights as mostly I use Turkish Airlines which have excellent service and spending some hours at the Istanbul Airport while in transit is not a problem at all.”
Eka, translator, 32

“I wish that our country had flights to Serbia and would deepen touristic relations with this country.”
Sandro, Student, 19