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Tuesday, November 29
Will Saakashvili finance a film of Mikhalkov?

Kronika writes that President Saakashvili promised Russian movie director Nikita Mikhalkov that he would finance a movie if Mikhalkov will shoot it in Georgia. The paper says that a couple of weeks ago Mikhalkov was at his daughter’s wedding (which took place in Kakheti, Georgia) when he met with the Georgian president and they had a conversation about this.

Witnesses to their meeting recalled their conversation. According to them, during their talks Saakashvili asked Mikhalkov whether he wanted to shoot a movie in Georgia, Mikhalkov answered that he would really do it as his daughter is married to Georgian man. Saakashvili answered that he would be happy if it really happens.

Saakashvili has ordered his team to pay special attention to this fact and control everything related to this future project.

Georgian MFA Sees Threat in Activation of Anti-Missile System in Kaliningrad

Georgian MFA sees a threat in the activation of the anti-missile defense system in Kaliningrad being implemented by Russia on the order of President Medvedev. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Nino Kalandadze stated that Georgia cannot be indifferent to the events as it has a bitter experience in relations with Russia, 24 Hours reports.

“Even if such types of actions are confined to legal frameworks, there is no guarantee that Russia will not violate the terms. Any kinds of actions that will be purposefully carried out by Russia contains a threat”, Kalandadze said.

Russian President Medvedev ordered the Russian defence ministry to "immediately" put radar systems in Kaliningrad that warn of incoming missile attacks.

He said that Russia's ballistic missiles would be given the capacity to overcome missile defense systems, as well as "new highly effective warheads."