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Does early snow create problems for you? Were you prepared for the cold weather?

Tuesday, November 29
“I don’t like such weather and snow really creates problems for me. I do not want even to walk outside and it influences my mood as well.”
Maiko, Lawyer, 26

"I like snow very much, so it never creates any problems. Yes, I'm quite prepared for cold winter days.”
Mako, language specialist, 33

“Well, I like snow very much, despite the fact I have to drive a car every day in such weather it does not create serious problems for me.”
Lasha, Credit Officer, 36

“How can I be prepared when I cannot pay gas and electricity bills? It is really very hard to cover all those costs only with a pension. I hope the government will take some measures and give us some vouchers for electricity or gas to survive the long winter.”
Guram, pensioner, 65

“From a transport viewpoint snow does not create serious problems, as I usually use the metro. As for some other problems, we do not have gas heating at home, which is cheaper compared to the electric one. We use the electric heater now and try not to switch it on all day long, as we will have to pay more not only for electric energy, but for municipal cleaning as this is now linked to the electricity used.”
Tamta, Teacher, 24

“I hate snow and winter, but we should be used to live in such weather during the winter. The problem is in transport. When the ice will cover the roads it will be difficult to move.”
Sophie, student, 19

“No, [snow is] nothing special. The roads are clean and cars drive normally. For me the only problem is that it is cold and I like sunny weather, but some snowy days even in autumn are also ok.”
Sopho, Journalist, 28

“The only problem is payments for the heating system and gas. If wood was cheaper this year we would use it for heating, otherwise my family cannot handle such high costs.”
Lali, housewife, 52

“I have not prepared and I had no idea that snow would come so soon to Tbilisi, it is still November and bad weather continues. I am just going to buy a new heater as the old one is a bit dangerous.”
Rezi, bank employee, 34