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Do you think that Georgian-Russian relations can be restored?

Thursday, January 26
"If you mean relations between Georgian and Russian people then yes, but between government leaders - no."
Tamar, Psychologist, 22

"I can only hope that relations between the two countries will normalize on the political level."
Salome, Musician, 28

"It is a very complicated issue, which needs the readiness from both sides in order to restore relations in various aspects. It may need time and energy to reach the best solution to this problem, but people of Georgia and Russia won't mind such steps forward."
Eldar, Driver, 47

“Currently, I can not see such a possibility. As for the long term perspective, I cannot give an exact answer of course. I think that first of all some interests' meeting should take place; these might be economic interests.”
Davit , Journalist , 40

“Well, I think that the possibility really exists if there is good will from our authorities' side and if there is active engagement of international organizations in the issue. As for the Russian factor, I think that Russians have nothing to lose; we are losing our territories and we should try harder.”
Giorgi, Student, 19

“Restoration won't be productive during Putin’s regime so if Edinaya Rossia does not win the elections (parliament or presidential), some other guys will get power, who might be more loyal to Georgian ideas and Western views.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

"I think that everything is possible.”
Zaza, Employed, 36

“If our president resigns and some one else comes to power, some one who will be more interested in a restoration of relations, why not?”
Keti, MA Student, 23