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Monday, January 30
Will Russia collapse?

Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, stated last week that Russian Federation will never collapse, in response to international discussions of Russia's demographic, ethnic, and territorial challenges. Some Georgian analysts believe that if Russia loses more territory, or ceases to function in its current political form, it will be easier for Georgia to reclaim its breakaway territories.

Rezonansi asked two public figures what they think about a Russian political collapse in the near future.

Mathematician Ivane Kiguradze says that such great disturbances are never positive, and may negatively influence Russia's neighbours and allies. “I do not think that if Russia collapses then we will get our territories back. It would be much beneficial for Georgia if Russia has a democratic authority. In that scenario, Russia will think about its people [first] and will not interfere in other countries’ affairs,” Kiguradze claimed.

Astrologist Mikheil Tsagareli, in contrast, does not think that Russia will collapse. He says the Russian Federation will grow even stronger in the future. Tsagareli claims that Russia will become a democratic state and improve its relationship with Georgia. “We should not think about Russia’s collapse, we should think how to set normal relations with it,” Tsagareli said.

Deputy Education Minister meets art teachers

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia is developing a certification exam program for teachers of art and aesthetics. First Deputy Minister Koka Sepherteladze made the announcement to an audience of 200 music, applied, and fine arts teachers, 24 Hours reports.

Last year, these teachers were only able to take a certification exam in professional skills. In the future they will be able to take subject test as well. After passing both exams, they will gain the status of a certified teacher and be eligible for a higher salary.

The National Center for Teacher Professional Development, operated under the Ministry, will organize training and provide teachers with necessary assistance.

The examination program will be further elaborated by representatives of the respective subject fields and by experts of the Ministry of Education and Science at a later date.