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Which profession is the most lucrative in Georgia?

Monday, January 30
“I think each profession is profitable if you are a real professional. Many say that I have two diplomas but no good job, but I think a diploma is not a guarantee of a person’s education. Each motivated and determined person can find well-paying job.”
Zura, Economist, 21

“I really do not know. I think only a few people work with their profession. E.g. I am chemist and I have a university diploma, but when I realized that I could not make enough money from my profession to satisfy my family's needs, I begun teaching the English language and now I have a number of pupils and I should admit I live quite well. Besides, I teach at a private school and I have a good salary.”
Maka, Teacher, 37

“I think education in management and economics is one of the guarantees to get a high salary in Tbilisi. A good economist, accountant, or manager are the most wanted professions.”
Mariam, Journalist, 25

“The most lucrative profession is to be a politician and to be in power. No matter if a person is a biologist, chemist, veterinarian or doctor, the highest salaries [go to] those people who work in the ministries, in government institutions, etc.”
Guram, Taxi driver, 51

“I think that profession is not important in Georgia, the main is to get a high governmental post. Elite corruption is the best source of serious income, isn’t it?”
Magda, Journalist, 36

“Working in an energy regulation company is the most lucrative.”
Natia, Facilitator, 33

“I think that the most lucrative job in Georgia is bookkeeping.”
Ani, Language Specialist, 22

“The most lucrative profession is financial analysts or accountant. They always have jobs and always make good money, especially good ones.”
Eka, Teacher, 43

“Any profession is profitable. Perhaps, the most profitable are auditors, since big companies pay them really huge money.”
Anzori, Credit officer, 30