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What do you think about child adoption in Georgia, and would you adopt a baby?

Friday, February 3
“I think this is very good step when a person has a wish to bring up another child as her own. But of course adoption of a baby is not easy, as you are never ensured that he/she will be fully healthy, good genetics, etc. As I have my own children I have never thought of adopting a child but generally I welcome this act.”
Nana, Teacher, 41

“I have no mind regarding the issue.”
Revaz, Bank employee, 21

“If I have some material and financial means I would adopt homeless children. Currently, I have no information regarding the procedures of adoption. As far as I know from others, the procedures are hard and expensive; however, I had no personal experience with the issue.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“To say the truth, I have no information how this issue is regulated in Georgia.”
Mariam, Sociologist, 25

“I do not want to be impolite but I cannot live with other person’s child during whole my life. I am not married but if I do not have children after marriage still I am against adopting a child.”
Levan, student, 22

“I think it is a very complicated procedure to adopt a child in Georgia. I remember a few years ago my neighbours wanted to adopt a baby but the procedure was so long and expensive as well so they changed their mind. I would suggest the government make this process easier, as all children need a warm family and parents. Personally, I would adopt another child if I were young, but unfortunately I am not in such age.”
Irma, lecturer, 54

“Actually I welcome such steps from every family despite whether they have their own child or not. Because I think it’s a very generous decision, but it needs courage, too.”
Keti, PR manager, 25

“I have a very strict decision to adopt a child if I don’t have my own. Unfortunately the number of children in orphanages is very high in Georgia and I think it would be a very positive step forward in our mentality if the families who can’t have their own kids would adopt at least one child.”
Nino, Accountant, 23