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Would a policy of reconciliation with Russia prevent you from voting for a party?

Monday, February 27
“Of course not. A positive attitude towards Russia does not mean that [the party] will act according to Putin’s plan. For me, it means to regulate relations with our neighbor and eventually return our territories through negotiations. Otherwise, this conflict will be frozen at least another 10 years during Putin’s presidency.”
Marika, teacher, 34

“Well, it will not be a reason for me not to vote for the party. I love Russia, [but] I don’t like Putin and dictators like him. I would have the same feeling towards Saakashvili if he follows [Putin’s path].”
Lasha, musician, 30

“Depends, but mostly, I think yes.”
Revaz, employed, 21

“As an ordinary person, I am tolerant towards the Russian people but dislike their government policy. So if a Georgian party would express a positive approach towards Russia I would think twice before following that ideology.”
Roman, Driver, 45

“Actually I [may not] participate in the upcoming elections because I don’t like any of the political parties. I often visited Russia and had good relations with Russian people but after the August war in 2008, I respect our fallen soldiers and can’t follow a party that supports Russian aggressors.”
Nikoloz, Architect, 58

“I am not crazy about Russians, however nothing will come without diplomacy; thus, I welcome the appearance of such a party.”
Levan, Student, 21

“Frankly, I hate Russia, Russian people, and everything related to them. I am an IDP and they have occupied our territory. Since then, we are IDPs in our own country. I miss my village and my house, I miss the places and people with whom I spent my childhood. So, I will never support a party that says they will reestablish friendly relations with those occupiers.”
Natia, student, 19