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Do you believe the United National Movement will put pressure on opposition supporters during the campaign period, particularly through the use of paramilitary groups?

Monday, March 26
“I have heard something about illegal armed groups but I’m not sure that the government would spend money on five day training if they don’t have some particular purpose…”
Tornike, Manager, 24

“The upcoming elections in Georgia have already caused great tension along the political spectrum. Just after Bidzina Ivanishvili appeared in the Georgian political arena, the government did all they could to damage his reputation. I think they are seriously afraid of losing their position and will do their best to succeed in the elections this year.”
Maka, Dentist, 31

“I do not think that the ruling party might carry out some actions, meaning pressure on the voters or opponents, as a majority of the Georgian public supports the National Movement even without this.”
Davit, Student, 20

“They will do everything to preserve power. They will act only on their personal interests.”
Bachana, Student, 21

“I think that there will be definite pressure on the opposition, however with some less visible means, so as not to attract too much international attention.”
Gera, Journalist, 37

“The facts of pressure on opposition activists are obvious, especially in the regions. Indeed, I believe that there are and will be such special groups which will manage it”.
Avto, Physician, 44

“I have heard about it on TV. If I am not mistaken, [Irakli] Alasania raised this issue. Maybe there are some groups through which political pressure is being [applied]."
Nato, Economist, 32