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Do you think pardoned prisoners create a threat for the Georgian population? Do you welcome releasing more prisoners from jails earlier?

Tuesday, May 1
“In general it is good trend, as Georgian prisons are overcrowded, with very harsh conditions. But I think the list of pardoned prisoners should be elaborated in accordance with the article [according to which] they were sentenced, and I think criminals and thieves do represent threats to the population.”
Irakli, Banker, 30

“I think prisoners for less heavy crimes should be released, but not those who committed a heavy crime.”
Nino, Student, 19

"Some categories of prisoner do not threaten public safety at all. However, if you release people for the wrong reasons, as Castro did in Cuba in the 1980s, you threaten everybody and everything indiscriminately."
Slava, Consultant, 49

“It depends on what kind of crimes they committed.”
Sophio, Translator, 23

“It depends on the prisoner, for what crime he was in prison…”
Bachana, Student, 22

“I don't welcome it. If they're fairly imprisoned then there is no need to release them before the deadline, but if they should be released why are they imprisoned at all? I think this is a wrong step for the government because I do see a threat for the population, an indirect one.”
Nino, Teacher, 23

“I think some prisoners have been detained for such small reasons that they should be released earlier. It is always difficult to re-socialize detainees back into society so I think the earlier they are released the more chances they have to regain their self-confidence.”
Niko, Journalist, 37

“I think those prisoners who have been pardoned by the President have been recommended by the special commissions studying their cases. So I think they should be taken as equal citizens despite their past and given a chance to live their lives better!”
Anna, Housewife, 36