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TBC Bank awarded for Exceptional Quality Service in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, May 21
Deutsche Bank presented TBC Bank with the 2011 STP Excellence Award for their exceptional quality of service in Georgia for both Euro and US Dollar transactions.

As TBC Bank officials stated: This is a certificate of special importance for TBC Bank, as we were honored to receive this award for the high-quality of transfers in both currencies the Euro, as well as the US Dollar. For the latter, this is the sixth time TBC Bank had received the award from Deutsche Bank. Our consistent performance indicates that TBC Bank retains a leading position on the Georgian banking market both in terms of the high-quality of our service and the total number of transactions.

The certificate of excellence is granted on the basis of the high-quality payment messages sent to Deutsche Bank in 2011. STP (Straight-Through Payments), designed according to SWIFT standards, is an important service offered by Deutsche Bank. It allows for the efficient and cost-effective electronic processing of payment transactions without the additional intervention of the correspondent bank.

The award reaffirms our full accordance with international financial institution requirements and ensures that the successful partnership that exists between TBC Bank and Deutsche Bank will continue.