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Monday, May 21
Parole Board Sent Positive Recommendations to 70 Prisoners’ Cases to President

Minister of Culture and Monument protection Nika Rurua, member of the board, told journalist after the parole board session ended that positive recommendation to up to 70 cases of prisoners will be sent to president .

As he informs, the inmates who are convicted of murder, robbery or rape were not given positive recommendations.

The parole board reviewed 105 prisoners’ cases. 15 of them were women, 4 juveniles. The parole board gave positive recommendation to 5 women and one from the 4 juveniles. The three underage were not given positive recommendation as they were convicted for rape.

The president will parole the inmates by 26 May.

“Shavparosnebi” and Initiative Group Demand Nino Kalandadze and Nikoloz Rurua’s Resignation

Resignation of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nino Kalandadze and Minister of Culture and Monuments protection Nikoloz Rurua has been added to the demands of the Georgian martial art Federation and initiative group “Let’s return Davit Gareji” .

As the founder of “Shavparosnebi” Lasha Kobakhidze told journalists, they made statements regarding the issue of Georgian cultural and historic monument belonging to Azerbaijan.

“The officials should make such irresponsible statements. There is not a border line in any county in the middle of the cultural and historic monument. Our historic monuments are not measured in percentage. The issue of resignation of these officials must be raised, who said that even 2% of the monastery complex of Davit Gareji is on Azerbaijani territory”, Lasha Kobakhidze said, adding that it’s unacceptable to them when the worshipers and spirituals face obstacles in going to the temple from the armed frontier guards.

Protest procession was held from Vake Part to Ministry of Foreign affairs regarding Davit Gareji situation. Some hundreds of people wanting to take part in the procession are gathered. The protest is organized by the initiative group ”Let’s return Davit Gareji” and Georgian martial art federation “Shavparosnebi”.

Gela Mtivlishvili – They Kicked me, Took Away Equipment and Erased Everything

Mtskheta Mtianeti informative centre informs that Tianeti policemen physically abused journalist Gela Mtivlishvili, took equipment from him and erased everything . The centre informs that Mtivlishvili is not in Tianeti hospital. The journalist feels bad and has difficulty in speaking.

“I feel very bad. I can’t speak on details now, as I can’t do it physically. I have a head ache; they slammed my head against wall or a door. I have strong pain. The kicked me, took away the equipment and erased everything. I’ll calm down and tell you details later”, Mtivlishvili told Mtskheta-Mtianeti news centre.

Mtivlishvili was detained in Tianeti yestrday. The eyewitness, member of Georgian Dream Rusudan Sisauri informs that he was in Tianeti office of Georgian Dream to cover the statement of one of the members of the coalition, who was no longer receiving social allowances. Sisauri says that Mtivlishvili gave her his mobile phone before being detained and asked not to leave his car.

Rasmussen: Elections in Georgia Very Important

How the parliamentary elections this October will be held will be "very important" for Georgia's NATO aspiration, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the NATO Secretary General, told Young Atlanticist Summit in Chicago on May 19.

"Of course we also have to make sure that countries that join our alliance can actually fulfill the criteria for becoming fully-fledged members and we are assisting the aspirant countries in that respect; we help them to carry through the necessary reforms and that brings me to Georgia question,"

"No doubt that this summit will send encouraging messages to Georgia, because Georgia has made a remarkable progress when it comes to reforms," Rasmussen said and added that the Chicago summit would reaffirm 2008 Bucharest summit decision that Georgia would join the NATO.

"But we would also like to make it very visible that we appreciate the progress Georgia has made and actually Georgia will be present at three very important events at this summit," Rasmussen said, referring to ISAF meeting; meeting of NATO and its 13 partner states and foreign ministerial meeting between NATO and four aspirant states, also including Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina."So Georgia will be present in a very visible way among our co-partners,"

"I think election this fall will be very important and how they are conducted will be observed with great interest," Rasmussen said, describing it as the "core issue."