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Armenia might refuse to have its share in the ArmRosGAZPROM

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, May 24
The issue regarding the price increase in Russian natural gas for Armenia is being discussed. So far Armenia pays $180 for every thousand cubic meters of natural gas. However, analysts suggest that in reality, Armenia is paying $209 for Russian natural gas. However, Armenian consumers are paying much higher price for the consumed gas $360.

This makes it difficult for Armenian consumers to use Russian gas, so they are forced to use wood, which in turn deteriorates the ecological situation in the country.

Some analysts suggest that Armenia should refuse having its 20% share in the ArmRosGazprom.

However, other analyst suggests that this would be a temporary measure, which would only solve the problem temporarily. Under the current circumstances, the solution might be the use of energy from nuclear power station. But this is also problematic. The old nuclear power station is to be stopped soon, and the new one has not been constructed as of yet.