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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Thursday, May 24
It was not voluntary step

Political scientist Ramaz Sakvarelidze in his interview with Kvela Siakhle states that the moving of parliament to Kutaisi is not necessarily related with the May 26, 2011, when opposition manifestation was dispersed.

He stated that Saakashvili ran away from Tbilisi in 2009, when a stadium full of opposition supporters was celebrating Independence Day." Saakashvili thinks that he is not liked by Tbilisi residents and does not like the capital as well. For every difficult situation in the city, Saakashvili runs away from Tbilisi, after Parliament's relocation running will not be needed."

As for the opposition's statements that Saakashvili's current actions are illogical and impulsive, the analyst responded that "I know Saakashvili. He is a very clever politician- a realist and a pragmatist; he is impulsive but nobody should deceive oneself, that he is disabled to analyze the facts adequately."

Opposition sounds like a dog

Akhali Taoba writes about the permanent opposition between the majority representatives and the opposition MP to the Parliament, Jondi Baghaturia. The Raised the issue of impeachment of the President, however he was immediately, roughly and strongly responded by the majority representatives

Baghaturia states that the current leadership of Georgia will only lead to the country's collapse and all their major steps are anti-state. To this, Majority Representative, Koba Khabazi responded, I am reminded of one famous saying: if all the time you stop to throw stones at each dog that follows you, you will not reach your destination. We have no time to listen to the dogs barking or lose time by throwing stones, as much is still left to be done. Our aim is to build a democratic Georgia."