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What do you think of Bidzina Ivanishvili's refusal in taking part in the elections as the citizen of a European state?

Thursday, May 24
“I think that it was a positive decision.”
Zaza, employed, 37

“I think it is a good decision.”
Mariam, cashier, 25

“I think that he should have made such decision when the Christian-Democratic movement raised the initiative to the Parliament.”
Nino, Journalist, 25

“I positively asses the decision, as he did not behave as the President's servant. Herewith, some restrictions were put in the initiative and he was not provoked.”
Anna, Writer, 35

“I think it is a good decision. It was a matter of self respect, as well as the respect of the Constitution”.
Sandro, lawyer, 23

“I am sorry he will not participate in the elections. It is a principal matter as he was deprived of Georgian citizenship illegally.”
Nina, office manager, 26

“The government put itself in a blind alley with Ivanishvili’s citizenship. They decided to find some stupid alternative with the support of the CDM, but in vain … I support Ivanishvili’s decision.”
Gregory, Economist, 34