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How important is May 26 for you? What do you plan on that day?

Friday, May 25
“I’m just going on a two-day holiday with my friends but it doesn’t concern the Day of Independence. But actually I always feel proud of watching the special parade on that date on TV. It’s Saturday so I have the whole two days to enjoy my freedom.”
Lali, Reporter, 22

“I have so much work to do during the whole week 24 hours that I can’t even remember which date is today. Of course I appreciate Georgian Independence Day but I doubt I can say anything more about this issue- it’s just part of our history that’s all.”
Nino, Accountant, 42

“I’m eager to participate in the Independence Day celebration, go out for a stroll, and see the market and products that are made in Georgia.”
Tata, Psychologist, 26

“For me its day of independence, but for last years it is associated with parades more, than with freedom. But anyway I will go on exhibitions with my friends.”
Niko, Musician, 19

“I will probably spend 26th with my family, I do not know as of yet. Indeed, it is important, but I think it is not reasonable to make such turmoil over it.”
Guram, taxi driver, 36

“Georgian independence day is very important, but not as important as it is not fully independent yet. We need to regain lost territories”.
Nina, IT specialist, 25

I'm planning to visit my girlfriend; she's out of town for some reasons and I haven’t seen her for a week . About the Independence Day - actually, it's pretty important to know when your freedom started .”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 22