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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Tuesday, June 5
Summer Job program participants made to partake in UNM activities

Rezonansi is reporting that some students who wish to participate in the Ministry of Education's Summer Jobs program are being notified that they will be expected to attend United National Movement meetings and rallies.

A neighbour, who is a co-ordinator of the National Movement, called me three days ago. She knows that my family is in poor condition and I want to find a job for my son, and so she offered me a social insurance package and employment offer. She explained to me that my son would be employed for a month with a salary of 500 GEL, but warned me that... my son would have [to participate] in National Movement activities. Apart from my case, I have heard several similar stories. The trend is that such offers are mostly [made to] socially vulnerable families, Tbilisi resident Nino told the paper. She declined to reveal her surname.

The UNM denies the report. According to Giorgi Pataraia, a representative of the party press service, the UNM has never made such a precondition for employment.

Election-related NGOs have condemned the report, saying that if the accusations are true then this is evidence that the administration is using government resources for campaign means, which is illegal.

Foreign workers in Georgia increasing

Rezonansi writes that in spite of a high level of unemployment and economic hardship in Georgia, the number of foreign workers is regularly increasing.

Hiring a foreign national to work in Georgia is relatively easy; international rankings have placed Georgia third on a hiring of foreign workers index for 2012.

Most developed countries have very strict labour migration rules, and have tightened them further since the economic crisis has resulted in high unemployment rates worldwide.