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Amcham Elects New President and Board

Friday, June 8
The American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia, at our Annual General Assembly meeting on 6th June 2012, elected a Board of Directors and President.

Sarah Williamson, from UGT was elected as the new President of the Board, Michael Cowgill from Georgian American University, as First Vice President and Irakli Baidashvili from GMT Group as Vice President and Treasurer. David Lee, who stepped down as President after 4 years in the position, was honored with the ex-officio post of Chairman Emeritus.

In addition to re-electing 6 members of the board, the election brought in three new members, Robin McCone from PwC, Lasha Gogiberidze from BGI and Ketti Kvartskhava from BLC.

According to the new President, Sarah Williamson, “The American Chamber of Commerce has a long history of working with the business community, investors, the US Embassy and the Georgian Government to encourage a strong and effective pro-business environment.

The next two years are going to be essential in cementing Georgia’s image as a good place to do business and a great place to invest. As AmCham President, I will increase the work of our 7 active committees to enhance their impact on public policy and to better promote the interest of our members. I also look forward to strengthening AmCham’s constructive interaction with the Georgian Government and working alongside them to help continue the reforms of the Rose Revolution.”