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What would you like to ask Mikheil Saakashvili?

Friday, June 8
"I would ask, ‘Do you believe that Georgia is a really democratic state, currently?'"
Revaz, Bank employee, 22

"Why could not he keep his promises and build a really democratic state? He had a chance to become a really good president."
Guram, Economist, 37

“I would ask when he is going to leave us.”
Tato, Student, 22

“I would like to know whether he is ashamed or not when he speaks about high tariffs on flights in Georgia, when he speaks about high tariffs on hotels and services in Georgia, as all these are in his hands. I also want to know how he dares to speak about democracy in Georgia when we have thousands of political prisoners, when we have hundreds of people dismissed from their jobs for different political views, etc.”
Lali, Historian, 44

"I would ask whether he is going to assume the Prime Minister's office after the elections. However, I doubt that I would get an honest answer.”
Sandro, IT manager, 27

“I am interested in when he says, ‘It is our victory’, who does he mean by the word ‘our’?"
Shota, Student, 21

“My question would be this: ‘Was there any chance of solving the conflict issue with Abkhazia and so-called South Ossetia before the 2008 August war?"
Nino, Journalist, 25

“I want to know if he is going to become Prime Minister when his presidential term expires. Personally, I would welcome such a decision.”
Meri, Teacher, 39

“I would ask some questions about his private life and family.”
Natalia, Student, 19

“I would ask about Zurab Zhvania, our late Prime Minister. He was the most talented Georgian politician and, for me, the cause of his death is absurd. In addition, even his family members do not believe in it. I would be happy if I knew the real answer.”
Levan, Athlete, 26

“Why doesn't he grant Georgian citizenship to Bidzina Ivanishvili? I want to hear from him the real reason. Does not he deserve to be a Georgian citizen after all he has done for Georgia?”
Eka, Marketing manager, 30