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What do you think is the duty of Resource Officers in Georgian schools?

Wednesday, June 20
“Well, I think that they have a very positive duty and I welcome their presence in schools.”
Irakli, Journalist, 27

“The resource officers are obliged to defend teacher’s and students’ security. I think that they are needed at schools.”
Ani, Teacher, 23

“I think that they are working to decrease the amount of crime in schools and disturb some criminals. However, in case if adult decides to spoil something it is difficult to control them, he will find a way for this. In conclusion, I think that the main faction of the officers is a swift reaction on a possible threat.”
Lasha, Musician, 27

“I don’t understand their functions at high schools because they don’t deal with the student’s problems. My sister and her friend argued in the hall one day during the break and there was no one who could stop the quarrel. Sometimes I really feel that the resource officers do nothing but spy for the Education Ministry about the teachers and principals.”
Mariam, Law Student, 20

“As far as I know they should protect the interests of the students and ensure peace at schools, but they are being changed so frequently I just wonder how they can familiarize with the situation at schools they are serving.”
Nodar, Sociologist, 28

“Resource officers are the part of education reforms – they try to prove how safe the schools are in Georgia but actually they make students feel they can share their opinions about their teachers without even realizing that they are, thus putting the teachers in an awful situation. I know several women who were sacked for shouting at a rude high school student.”
Marina, Housewife, 46