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Monday, June 25
Patriarch Preached about Importance of Culture of Listening

The Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ilia the Second spoke about the importance of culture of listening on the church service today.

He said that people who think that what they speak is the only truth is a big mistake and such people will always be defeated. "Everyone should listen to others, small or big, and do as they consider it necessary afterwards. Everyone should have the culture of listening," Patriarch said.

Ilia the Second wished all the residents of Georgia and Georgians living abroad to have the culture of listening. The Patriarch said that everyone should think whether they can listen to othersí opinion. "Some people think itís a shame, but the shame is when people donít listen to others and always try to speak," Ilia the Second said. The Patriarch blessed all the youth, school leavers, those who are preparing to pass the exams, young people who are settling down, as well as children and young people living abroad.

Rehabilitation project of Bagrati Cathedral discussed in Culture Ministry

Discussions over the rehabilitation project of Bagrati Cathedral, the 11th-century cathedral church in the city of Kutaisi were held in the Ministry of Culture today. Along with Culture Minister Nikoloz Rurua, the Head of the cultural heritage national agency Nikoloz Vacheishvili and Italian restorer, author of significant UNESCO projects Andrea Bruno also attended the meeting.

Art critics, rhetoricians and writers also participated in the discussion. The talks are going on with the participation of representatives of the Georgian Patriarchate.

"All is done in accordance with the criteria required by the practice carried out on the world heritage monuments, and by the requirements and advice UNICCO gave us.

"I`d like to emphasize that the amateur photos are fake; this is an attempt to torpedo a remarkable project", the culture minister said.
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New ropeway connects historical districts of Tbilisi

New rope-way opened today in Tbilisi. The funicular railway constructed in accordance with contemporary standards connects two historical districts of the Georgian capital. The two points include Rike Park and Narikala.

Construction of the ropeway started few months ago. Seven gondolas, each with capacity to carry 8 people were installed.

Tbilisi's Mayor examined the new ropeway together with children living in the Digomi district of Tbilisi.

As reported, working hours of the funicular railway will last until 24:00 every day during the summer.
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President Saakashvili meets locals in Vani district

Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili visited the village of Sulori in the Vani District in western Georgia yeserday. The president discussed with the locals projects to be carried out in the district.

The president said that in the future, all families in the village will be provided with natural gas supplies, and in one week, road rehabilitation work will get underway and the construction of a new hospital will be launched in July in Sulori.

Mikheil Saakashvili also spoke about pension reform, according to which, each pensioner throughout the country will receive an insurance package together with an increased pension.
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Competition and State Procurement Agency adds ďStereo +Ē to Black List

The Competition and State Procurement Agency added "Stereo +" to the black list. The web page of the agency informs that Stereo + didnít fully meet the commitments of the agreement on state procurement. In addition, Stereo + Ltd didnít properly serve the sub-department of the Adjarian government Ė television and radio broadcasting department. Adjarian television declared tender on the service in January 2012. Only Stereo + participated in the tender of GEL 90, 000 and offered the service and won. The agreement signed by the parties is active until January 1, 2013. Stereo + wonít be able to take part in tenders as it is on the "black list."