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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze/William King
Wednesday, June 27
Republicans do not leave Georgian Dream

Akhali Taoba newspaper published an interview with the Chair of the Conservative Party and one of the leaders of the Georgian Dream coalition, Zviad Dzidziguri. In the interview, Dzidziguri states that Ivanishvili will be the winner of the elections due to the fact that he has the public' trust. He has also outlined that until Ivanishvili’s entrance into politics, the opposition spectrum within the country faced serious problems. However, the billionaire has managed to change the situation and public view towards opposition activities. Dzidziguri categorically denies any kind of confrontation inside the coalition. “Initially there were some small problems on the staff level. However, currently there is no confrontation within the coalition,” Dzidziguri stated.

Pre-election National training for students

Mteli Kvira speculates that national ruling party is undertaking active pre-election campaigning in Anaklia for 80 000 students. However, the newspaper is not confirmed by the ruling administration and the universities’ self governments.

A statement concerning the issue was also made by the youth wing of the Georgian Dream coalition. Based on coalition representatives, the meetings are really organized by the universities’ self governments and the National Movement.

“We have met the coalition member students and discussed the issue. As they have said these kinds of meetings are very low-key and students avoid discussing it publicly. But in private talks, students confirm that those meetings are part of a PR campaign and agitation,” Tsotne Zurabiani, the Georgian Dream representative stated.