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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Friday, June 29
Tughushi asks chief prosecutor to investigate violation facts

The Public Defender of Georgia has addressed the chief prosecutor of Georgia with a recommendation to launch an investigation into the mass violation of human rights of prisoners in the so-called new part of the Ksani Establishment No. 15, Rezonansi reports.

As Ombudsman’s office informed on June 22, that their representatives met with several prisoners placed in the Ksani establishment who have complained about their rights being violated. According to the convicts, they were often subjected to verbal and physical assault and different types of violence. Convicts also claim that often times the cell does not work in prisons and they do not have access to the press and radio. Convicts blame several people they claim are responsible for their rights violations including the Head of the establishment, Shota Tolordava, his Deputy, Dima Chkhaidze, Levan Lezhava, Gela Iosava, and a person named Ucha.

The application addressed to the public defender was signed by 693 convicts.

Journalist has been threatened

Rezonansi reports that their reporter, who covers news in the Akhalgori district, has been threatened by the Director of the House of Culture of Tserovani IDP settlement, Giorgi Ekaladze. Reporter, Mari Otarashvili recalls the threatening fact adding that this was a serious threat from Ekaladze. I’ll tear you apart,” Ekaladze told Otarashvili. “You and I will meet again for sure and it will be really bad for you. I’ll make you and your producers pay for what you are doing,” Ekaladze told her. The newspaper says that they have evidence of that conversation and expressed their readiness to give it to investigative bodies.

Reportedly, the reason for the threat was the TV-report that Mari Otarashvili prepared for the 9th Channel and which was aired on the 23rd of June.

The report focused on the detainment of Georgians by the Ossetian side in Akhalgori, who are accused by the de facto government in committing various crimes during the ethnic conflict of the 1990’s. Reportedly, the respondent told the journalist that one such person was Giorgi Ekaladze. It is also noteworthy that this is not the first case of Otarashvili being threatened.