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Landfill problems for Tbilisi and Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 22
Currently Georgia faces a serious problem with landfills. In 2009 Tbilisi decided to get rid of a system of bunkers located in Soviet-era apartment blocks and replace them with metal street side containers. In 2010 a new modern landfill near Tbilisi in the Lilo district was built at the same time existing landfills in Gldani and Iagluja were closed down. Although those two landfills are closed they still remain a source of air pollution as they are located within 700 meters of residential buildings. Local residents have complained about the smell. In Georgia there are 63 official landfills. In addition to these official landfills there are dozens more unofficial landfills created near almost all the towns and villages around the country. Neither of official or unofficial ones have a proper waste utilization system. Many landfills are located on river banks and the rivers become polluted due to waste runoff. Many municipal representatives think that all old landfills should be closed down and modern ones should be constructed using current technology and sanitation standards. In May 2012 the Ministry of Economy created a new government agency run by the Regional Development and Infrastructure Ministry to address this issue. From Dhes da Khval.