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How do you think could have Georgia avoided war in 2008?

Wednesday, August 22
“Well, it is a very painful issue. I think that Georgia could have avoided the situation, but I also think that the Georgian leadership was hoping for assistance from the West, especially the United States. I think that if the government really thought like this and did not consider the complexities of the situation, their competence could be called under serious questions.”
Nana, Teacher, 25

“It is easy to discuss the situation now. One thing I am sure is that Georgia will never manage to defeat Russia. Statements as if we won the war and so on are foolishness and nothing more. We could have avoided it, we shouldn't have been provoked.”
Giorgi, IT specialist,27

“It was clear that through peaceful means Georgia could not have reintegrated the separatist regions and I was glad that Georgia launched military action. Why should we have avoided the war, we were fighting for own territories. If not for Russian intervention we would have reintegrated those regions and the problem would have been finally solved.”
Nodar, Soldier, 29

“I think that we could not have avoided the war as Russia had planned to come to Georgia and grab the de facto regions. Russia stated their intention to create problems for Georgia two years before the war.”
Natela , Pensioner, 62

“I think that we could have. I also think that current Georgian leadership wanted to write down their names in history with big letters so much that they did not take all factors into consideration. Their actions were based on emotions more than on sensible strategy. When you are the government of a state it means that you are responsible for the lives of all your citizens…”
Mzia, Dancer, 42

“I think that discussing the past, especially the war has no serious importance. Currently, the most important thing is to think how to overcome the current situation and how those regions might be reintegrated.”
Gela, engineer, 35

“I think that the Georgian government wanted to reintegrate those regions, nothing unusual in that, however everybody needs to think before making a decision. I think that the actions of the Georgian government were hasty. It is difficult for me to say if Georgia could have avoided the situation, but when one county has strained relations with a much more powerful and influential neighbor and you are trying to reintegrate regions which are under the control of the more powerful country, such a step is not very sensible.”
Valeri, Painter, 31