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GYLA’s Statement on Khashuri Election District N35

Tuesday, October 9
Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) expresses a concern over post-election developments in several election precincts in Khashuri Election District N35 and calls on the authorities to take further actions in an adequate and effective manner, which is particularly important in light of the fact that the disputed election precincts have a substantial importance on results from Khashuri Election District.

The election process, including tabulation of results in about 10 election precincts of Khashuri N35 Election District were conducted in serious violations of law. Specifically, evidence including statements of the PEC members suggest that the PEC summary protocols were drawn up in a way that did not reflect the will of voters expressed in these precincts or that the original data in summary protocols drawn up by the PECs was later changed. Further, Special Forces Units invaded several precincts of Khashuri and forced commission members to record election results in summary protocols the way they instructed them to.

These facts clearly show that there were a number of gross violations of election laws, which had an adverse impact on reflecting voters’ will and essentially changed precinct results. This will affect election results throughout the district. Further, in individuals cases there were violations against criminal statutes, which require proper consideration by the authorities.

GYLA has already raised with Khashuri DEC the issue of declaring null and void the results from election precincts #3, #5, #8, #10, #19, #45 #46 and #26 of Khashuri. However, GYLA’s appeals were rejected. Further, the process of examining appeals was conducted in serious violations of applicable procedures and the DEC failed to duly examine the evidence, which also amounts to violation. GYLA has appealed decisions of the DEC in higher instance and continues to raise with Khashuri DEC the issue of deeming results from other precincts null and void.

We apply to Khashuri N35 District Election Commission, the CEC and court to ensure due consideration of complaints filed in relation to precincts in Khashuri N35 Election District, and deliver decisions in consideration of existing circumstances and evidence. We also apply to the office of the chief prosecutor to examine cases that involve violations against criminal statutes.