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Tuesday, October 9
Entertainment programs may be cancelled

Rezonansi writes that like Imedi TV, it is possible that Rustavi 2 will also cancel its entertainment shows and programs.

Imedi TV’s "Today's Show", "Night Show" and Nanuka Jorjoliani’s show have all been cancelled.

“Today Show" anchor Dodo Khurtsilava says in her interview with Rezonansi that they did not explain the reason behind the show’s cancellation. Khurtsilava thinks that the cancellation of entertainment shows will have an effect on the rating of the channel. Khurtsilava also said that she thinks that they will have a financial crisis. If the state does not cover the costs, they cannot save the channel. "

In the same article, media expert Ia Antadze suggests that programs will also be cancelled on Rustavi 2 as well.

The National Movement is the party that has influence on all three(+ Public Brodcaster) television stations. Now they need to have a fresh eye, and schedule investigative journalism, discussions and strong information programs that will attentively observe the activities of the new government and look for its mistakes.

Prospects of decreased prices on fuel

Georgian Dream representative Levan Izoria says that the price on fuel will be decreased by 20 tetris after the Georgian Dream officially comes to power. According to him, the fuel price in the market is artificially up and a monopoly does not make it possible to bring it down. After the Georgian Dream comes to power, the monopoly will disappear and free competition will bring the prices down.