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What do you think about the ministerial candidates named by the Georgian Dream?

Tuesday, October 9
“Well, I think that mainly the candidates have been correctly selected. I welcome the named candidacies.”
Irakli, Employed, 28

“I think that they are really worthy candidates. Of course there are some structures which require more skillful and experienced chairs as the named were. However, the number of such candidates was really few.”
Giorgi, Technician, 27

“Some of the candidates are really appropriate for the post, like Alasania, Tsulukiani, Subari and some others as well. Let’s see how they do with their duties.”
Mani, Journalist, 26

"I think the overall picture is quite satisfactory, most of the candidates are experienced and well- educated. Specifically, I liked Alasania's appointment as Minister of Defense and Subari's candidacy at the Prison Ministry. Both of them are very well aware of the problems in this sector."
Nana, teacher, 46

"I would be happy if he has named all the ministerial candidates, since I do not know other ministers I cannot evaluate the ministers cabinet. Mostly, I wonder who will be the minister of education, because he will be responsible for the educational system which is very important for students and future students as well. We will be happy if the payment at universities will be reduced, most of us do not have enough finances to cover all costs."
Marika, student, 19

"I am very frustrated because most of the candidates are not competent to rule the ministries properly. I have no idea how footballer Kaladze can be named as the infrastructure Minister for the country. Or Garibashvili, who is a totally unknown figure for the society. I do not trust him personally and I doubt he will be a successful minister."
Lali, housewife, 53

“To say sincerely I don’t know the complete list of ministers but in my opinion Ivanishvili is a clever person and I am sure that he appointed all ministers according to their knowledge and abilities”.
Tamar, teacher, 23

“I don’t know all the ministers but for me, Kakhi Kaladze’s appointment to the post of infrastructure minister is indicator of choosing the ministers irresponsibly.”
Natia, student, 24

“I think that they are better than previous ministers, I don’t have any complaints, but I hope that later it will be formulated in a better way”.
Guranda, biologist, 28